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A refined version of the Sampler Linen Tote Bag


Sampler Linen Tote Bag

This was an accidental improvement to the original product – when making up the stitched version of the Sampler Linen Tote Bag, I managed to make it upside down and had already trimmed the corners of the fabric! The happy outcome of this is that my version in the picture is actually a patch sewn on top of the bag and we all prefer this version. It is easier to stitch, you cannot see the back of the stitching inside the bag,you will not catch any of the stitches when filling your tote bag with shopping and it is even stronger and firmer. As a result of this, the pack comes complete with a piece of extra linen, matching the tote bag which you can use for the cross stitch or save for another project. Go to Lovely Linen Stuff and scroll to the bottom of the page

Date posted: Friday, July 11, 2008


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