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A Spring Dog Walk

Our favourite river walk

Monty and I have been enjoying the slightly warmer weather and apart from the mud (there is a lot of that!) we have, at last, seen signs of spring arriving here in the Cotswolds. Monty is a Cockerpoo and will be two this month and is absolutely crazy about water and in any form. Apart from keeping him away from the swans, I do not mind him splashing about although you need to maker a quick retreat when he comes out of the river!

Look – I have a stick!

We are very privileged to live in such a lovely part of the country although our village had two hundred new houses added in the last year! They are very attractive and well planned to fit in with the local stone but can we cope? Fortunately, The Ernest Cook Trust owns most of the remaining land and manages it very carefully preserving the look and feel of the country. I do not think a day passes when I am grateful…….

The first gorse bushes starting to flower

More lovely snowdrops

Now I must get back to work again- I am in the middle of designing part of our Calendar Pockets Series which will be included in the CSG member’s magazine – We are creating a pocket for each month and then combining them in a mammoth sampler. You will not guess where I got the idea for this little snowdrop motif! You can seeĀ  examples of the next three in the series below:

The second in the series

The Calendar Pockets are part of an exclusive series featured in our CSG magazine with March, April and May and will be posted to members in early May. Not a CSG member – Go to Become a Member

Made on linen band…….

These little pockets are very simple to make up as there is so little finishing to do…..Stitchers often do not like sewing! You can buy linen band from the CSG web site – the limit is simply your imagination!

Date posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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Oh dear Jane, my to do list is getting longer by the minute. I love these.

Comment by Brigitte Gant on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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