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A weekend of domestic bliss…..


Bumble proving that Beardies are expert at cute!

I thought it was about time to spend a bit of time working in Pinks Barn – the Christmas stuff went away on the 1st of January whilst I watched the New Years Concert from Vienna but the rest of the house had become a muddle. To give you an idea of how far behind I am – I bought and planted bulbs yesterday! Yep! Much reduced and shooting green things everywhere, I managed to find a selection of bulbs and some very tired looking winter pansies. After I had finished in the courtyard garden (or perhaps could no longer see what I was doing) I decided to sort my wardrobe, knickerĀ  drawer and make up! Umm! Bill has suggested that I do not go shopping until October or perhaps I would like to open a shop of my own!

I am back in the Studio this evening and busy planning and stitching – sometimes I love my job!

I am busy with the next Stitch That magazine and also adding bits and pieces to the Sale Bin accessed by Members. This is the first time we have done this – Since we moved our business to the Studio at Pinks Barn, we have had to be very strict about what stays on the shelves and what does not earn the right to the space.

I have added some more stuff to the section called Jane’s Studio – I know many of our UK Members know the Cotswold area but I thought some of our fellow stitchers overseas would like to see more pictures –

Happy stitching Jane

Date posted: Sunday, January 9, 2011


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