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And then it was New Zealand!

After our visit to Sydney, we flew to New Zealand via Auckland and then travelled down North Island, cross over the Cook Straits by ferry and the explored the South Island for a further seventeen days and then flew home via Dubai. It is difficult to explain our feelings as we toured around this beautiful country – I must be honest – I think it is the only time in our lives that we considered emigration! It is so beautiful and thankfully the New Zealand government is making sure it stays that way.

The photograph above it sort of symbolic because the woodland and the ferns are majestic, marvellous and seriously difficult to photograph to any great effect. The scenery is frankly jaw dropping and then you go around a corner and there is more. I would have to write a blog a day for a year to show you all my photographs!

This is what I mean about walking around a corner and the you see something like this. Wow!

We managed this holiday with motels and carpet picnics but are currently planning a return trip to South Island possibly with a camper van in 2020 ( Heavens! My 70th year) There was no doubt that although we were away from the UK for a month we only skimmed the surface in New Zealand.

One of the most memorable moments whilst holding a bag of fish and chips! Sunset over the ocean at Hokitika. This is a town that had thrived with tourism and was terribly damaged by the last earthquake – not in itself but the main road to get to it fell in to the sea. We have friends there who almost lost their livelihood when the visitors stopped overnight.One of our days was spent driving through the mountains to check out the Fox glacier which was this time out of our reach – we did not have the correct clothing and footwear to walk up to the base of the glacier but certainly intend to do it next time. The wardens are very strict about your safety as much of the track is the river bed which can flood instantly if a glacial dam breaks………Our best view of Mount Cook taken from the end of the lake – a magnificent sight! As you can see from the pictures we were very lucky with the weather and I mean lucky – As we drove towards Christchurch for our flights home the city was on red alert as a storm was battering the coast and heading our way. Fortunately although our last night was very, very wet, our flights left on time and we were home safely albeit 30 hours later!

As I write I am working on some designs both inspired by the greenery and also by Maori Art – more of this to follow

Happy stitching till next time…………..



Date posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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