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Biggles, Bumble, Broadband and a video


I am so pretty I can do anything I like……….


I don’t know who stole the threads!


First game of tug o war


So much for my knitting……….

I will not bore you with the continuing saga about our broadband – 48 days and counting. Bill did make the point when talking to the Phone-Coop that I had been in the wilderness longer than Christ! I am so sorry the web site is so out of date – I could weep with frustration! Still perhaps this week all will be put right………

Watch our first web site video-If you look at our home page you will see we have added a video from my Stitch Perfect Series  – it is a 10 minute programme demonstrating my Cross Stitch Designer Gold – it will give you a good idea how to use the design programme and just how simple it is. I must make the point that Ben at Iconnet sorted out the video for me. I cannot even watch it, let alone work on the site! Ho Hum!!

Happy Stitching…….

Date posted: Saturday, March 7, 2009


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