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Bumble and Biggles out for a run

Last week, we managed to climb up to the top of Birdlip Hill and the dogs went wild. I think the wind in their whiskers has as an effect and it was a lovely warm breeze with loads of room to run.Biggles hair is growing very fast but it is not quite long enough to sweep around his eyes  which is a shame as they are pale blue!I have tried putting bands in  the top but he takes only a few minutes to remove them!




I have said before he looks as if he is smiling



Fortunately Bumble was just rolling for fun and not in the greenest piles of cow s***t you have ever seen!


 Just imagine running up hills for fun

I will be back to talk you you soon – let us hope the weather improves …….I thinkI have webbed feet!

Date posted: Friday, July 24, 2009


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