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Louise is home and we are back to normal!

What ever normal is in the Greenoff household! Lou obviously had a marvellous trip and I will share some of her pictures with you shortly – The ones where she is cuddling a four year old tiger are fairly startling…..

James and his wife, Starly came for a roast supper on Friday and we had a great family evening with lots of wine and laughter. The following day, James was let loose with his camera and took some pictures of the dogs that I felt I should share with you.He also took some lovely pictures of the roses in the garden and I shall share those with you in the next Stitch That!

New Picture (2)

Biggles Smiling!

New Picture (3)

Bumble pretending to disapprove

and then look what happened!

New Picture (1)

Bumble proving that grooming Beardies is a waste of time!

Today I am back at my desk and ignoring the havoc in the house. I am trying to concentrate  on the work ahead of me. I am almost finished Issue 86 of Stitch That and am probably half way through my Hardanger book so I had better get on with it and stop chatting to you..

Will talk again shortly


Date posted: Sunday, June 5, 2011


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Fantastic pictures – they made me smile! Glad Lou got home safely.

Comment by Barbara Stone on Monday, June 6, 2011

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