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Moving Day at the Cross Stitch Guild

I think this was one of the most difficult days of my life – after all I was sending my stash away and I wanted to keep it all. When you see the size of my space upstairs at Pinks Barn you will get an idea of the difficulty. I needed my stuff and I was sending it off to Andrea who has promised to look after it all but………….

As I write this, I am beginning to feel much better- My new workplace is coming together although it has involved thinking very laterally – Unless you are creative and understand, it is difficult to explain that a computer and a shade card is just not enough to inspire!

IMG_0132 (2)

One corner of the Studio during the move

I do not think I have ever felt as panic stricken as when the lovely guys were loading the van and this was still not packed – There were eighteen tea chest size boxes ready to load and yet? Everything had to be counted and packed carefully ready for the journey to Warrington. Of course, one kept finding little treasures that needed to be examined and discussed before packing/taking to the new office or putting in the skip……..


Our lorry and there are still fifteen boxes to go!

This one of the rooms in the new CSG HQ!

My job once all was unloaded was to assemble the faithful Ikea Ivar shelving which had travelled from Fairford – I think the top shelf only fell on my head four times in all. Once the first set is in position, it is marvellous and will stand all sorts of mistreatment. Mind you, as soon as one bay was ready Andrea promptly filled it with boxes of kits……….

Bill and his madeira threads

Bill at work- no-one was allowed near his Madeira threads

Bill has always looked after the storing and the ordering of our Madeira threads and he spent a blissful day sorting and arranging hundreds of coloured thread cones ready for the restart on the 4th Jan. At this point I think we all felt that it would be the 4th Feb! We did manage it after all. The first batches of post left the building in the afternoon of the 4th Jan and I know that Andrea has been busy ever since. You are a wonderful bunch – just keep it coming – we can cope!

Nearly there!

The new office in progress- more soon!

This is my new space and as you can see, the slope on the ceiling is significant and after banging my head three times in a day, I learnt how not to. By the end of this week, I will be sorted and able to move forward as I have deadlines already and Jenny and Andrea will not let me sit around looking wistful!

Date posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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