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Packing for the Festival of Quilts

I know that every¬† year takes the same basic shape and that the shows when they arrive should not come as a surprise but yet again, this one has come as a shock.¬† I cannot believe we are setting up at the NEC this week – Although not a quilter, this is such a lovely show to look at and I always spend too much so I cannot resist going to it again this year. Having said that – it was at this fair last year that my precious Flower Sampler Book was stolen by a member of the public! I do not think I will ever forget how I felt……It may yet be our last year exhibiting at this Fair as we are planing a bit of a trip next year – Bill will be 65 in 2013 and I do feel we should do something special……..

Date posted: Monday, August 13, 2012


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