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A flying visit to Madeira in Yorkshire

Karen Burrows, Managing Director of Madeira

Whilst Bill and I were travelling up to join our Members for our Ackworth Weekend, we popped in to see the team at Madeira. By now, you all know that I use Madeira threads for all my kits and for designing projects for Itch to Stitch. Karen, pictured above, certainly did not have time for this but was so hospitable and sat and had a coffee before leaving the UK for another European visit the following morning! Thank you Karen – I was very lucky to catch her at all……..It was lovely seeing the team hard at work on a Friday afternoon and good to put faces to the names we speak to every week.

Bill seeing how our cones are wound

We had a wandered around the very swish offices and warehouse and even saw how our cones are wound – Bill is pictured above, not understanding the technology at all! After collecting some threads we went to the Hilton Leeds City for our weekend event – more of that later

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Date posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Issue 96 of Itch to Stitch is on its way

The Strawberry Sampler Book

The Strawberry Sampler Book

After all my promises,  I have not managed to keep up with my entries in this Journal in spite of trying to turn over a new leaf. I am sure I have no idea where the time goes!  Issue 96 of Itch to Stitch will be on the way tomorrow and we have included the first part of the new Strawberry Sampler Book.  The final part will be include in your next issue of our magazine. As you can see from the image above – the outside cover is worked on 28-count unbleached linen with the pages in cream. There is a material pack available to CSG members which includes all the materials for the completed book.

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Date posted: Monday, June 10, 2013

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Itch to Stitch photography & new projects added today…..

Hello again Everyone,

Bill and I are back from our Northern France Tapestry Tour and today we spent the day photographing projects for Issue 96 of Itch to Stitch and now getting ready for our Together We Stitch Weekend at the Hilton Hotel a 10 days time. Never a dull moment here!

Our trip to France was marvellous and I will sort through the 657 pictures on my camera and publish some of these shortly. We visited the Bayeux Tapestry and even though I have been before many times – it was still amazing….We went on to Claude Monet’s Garden – I will never tire of that enchanted place. I am grateful to Neil Cuthbert, a new member of the CSG team for letting me use some of his pictures here. At least this way you do get to see evidence of the trip!


The House


The Bridge


A Riot Of Colour

Claude Monet Trio

I thought you would like to see the holiday project for this year – I was completely bowled over by my last visit to Monet’s Garden  in Giverney so had no problem using inspirational material from my last  trip to create a Claude Monet Trio pictured above.This is now available as a complete kit – just click the link  for more information,

I used Hardanger embroidery for the lily pond and eyelets for the hollyhocks, neither of which were in evidence on this trip but that was hardly a problem. It is not just the variety of plants that make you smile – it is what is planted with what that makes you gasp…..I am working a another stitching project inspired by this special garden but more of that anon….

I have some news for you about a very exciting development coming to the CSG web site but I am not allowed to tell you anymore as yet – watch this space.







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Date posted: Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Off to France on Saturday and more!


The Stitch Book

I am sitting in a sunlit Studio feeling a little bit pleased with myself!  We seem to be back on track again after the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show, delivering the book to the printers, posting Itch to Stitch on time and getting ready to go to France with our group this Saturday! Before we leave on Saturday, I intend to sign and post the pre-ordered copies of the Stitch Book which arrives with us tomorrow – all the envelopes are addressed and ready to go…….I do hope you find it useful.

The conservatory

The Conservatory  Classroom

I thought you would like to see the Conservatory before my Saturday class started! Rather tidy and calm, don’t you think? Well I think the picture below tells a story! We started with a roaring log burner and then had to open the French doors.


Some of the usual suspects

Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

This was the project for this class and I must admit to being amazed at how much was achieved in the day. The project included counting with seed beads, cross stitch, buttonhole bars, bullion knots and how to create a folded hem. The little weighted fob includes a magnet and the Watbo has tiny seed beads for the flowers.

Next time I am in touch, we will have been to France and I can let you see the Monet project!

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Date posted: Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Issue 95 of Itch to Stitch is on its way

After a weekend of envelope stuffing, we packed our mail sacks in to the mail van yesterday and your next magazine is winging its way. I hope you enjoy it. If you have not received your copy by the weekend send me an email and I will investigate…..We have finally given in and bought a franking machine and in the nick of time. The new postal rates are real stinkers and I am going to have to invent new products that are very thin – I have had to add some postal charges to a few items where I would actually lose money as things stand. Sometimes being in business is like climbing the greasy pole..but an old friend of ours used to say “Do not worry – I will succeed because I am pure in heart” I think of him often…….

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Date posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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