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Great day at Create & Craft TV

I spent yesterday at the Studios at Create & Craft TV and had a lovely day. It is about a three hour drive from home and you have to be on site 2 hours before your programme is scheduled. I always do two hour long shows when I have travelled that far so it is quite a long day. Still I have my new car (not new but you know what I mean) and I had my Ipod so that I could sing along! I am not allowed to do that normally – even the dogs complain when I sing!

It is taking time to get the programmes right – they are live and the hour goes so quickly – obviously the presenters have to please two elements – the sales department and my desire to chat and stitch- I think we are getting there….. I am back in July – 18th and 27th July – times to be confirmed

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Date posted: Thursday, June 23, 2011

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News about our Sampler trip and more


Maggies class at Pinks Barn

As you can see many of the usual suspects are to be seen sitting around the table in the conservatory stitching and chatting – a lovely time was had by all.  This was an event to raise money for Maggies, our CSG charity and it was a lovely relaxing day. My next class (2nd July) is full  and the projec is a counted tile on linen . We do also have lunch with some wine and  a certain amount of fun!

Our Special Sampler Mini-Tour

If you have not caught up with this as yet, the details are on our Events page and will be included in your Stitch That Issue 86 due shortly. This trip has become more exciting  as we have been granted a special viewing of some of the 17th century samplers and other embroideries. This is something I have wanted to do for years so I am thrilled to bits. I am planning a fiendish piece of stitching for you to do during our evening classes so your time will be fully engaged!

I have recently had a meeting with Rainer Steinman, the Sales Director of Zweigart & Sawitski (the linen people)  and I have to admit to spending a small fortune with him yet again. I will be photographing the fabrics and adding them to the shop very shortly.

Happy Stitching till we speak again

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Date posted: Monday, June 20, 2011

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Louise is home and we are back to normal!

What ever normal is in the Greenoff household! Lou obviously had a marvellous trip and I will share some of her pictures with you shortly – The ones where she is cuddling a four year old tiger are fairly startling…..

James and his wife, Starly came for a roast supper on Friday and we had a great family evening with lots of wine and laughter. The following day, James was let loose with his camera and took some pictures of the dogs that I felt I should share with you.He also took some lovely pictures of the roses in the garden and I shall share those with you in the next Stitch That!

New Picture (2)

Biggles Smiling!

New Picture (3)

Bumble pretending to disapprove

and then look what happened!

New Picture (1)

Bumble proving that grooming Beardies is a waste of time!

Today I am back at my desk and ignoring the havoc in the house. I am trying to concentrate  on the work ahead of me. I am almost finished Issue 86 of Stitch That and am probably half way through my Hardanger book so I had better get on with it and stop chatting to you..

Will talk again shortly


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Date posted: Sunday, June 5, 2011

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A day off today!

Well, I have not been in to the office at all – never been known…… well except Christmas Day!

Louise  should be back from Cambodia on Tuesday and I decided that her birthday present was going to be a tidy clean bedroom and all the washing done and away… As a result, the dogs have watched in amazement as I dusted, hoovered and polished all day.

The Bank Holiday weekend beckons and I am going to shop tomorrow (Saturday) amd then I am designing and stitching all day  Sunday and Monday – I do not care what happens, that is going to be my plan! Have a lovely three day weekend and I shall chat again next week.

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Date posted: Friday, May 27, 2011

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A Special Weekend and New Needleholders

Thank you for all the lovely feedback about Cross Stitch with Jane Greenoff on Create and Craft TV– I do appreciate you getting in touch. I am planned in to do some more programmes in June and I will confirm the dates as soon as I know they are definite.

I thought you would like to see the additions to our range of mini magnetic needleholders – we have a large selection in the shop and these are the latest and by public demand.

Cats - Jane Greenoff-Stitch That-21-04-11 243965

Whiskery Cats

These Whiskery Cats are so pretty – the original mould was created for the CSG  and I really like their serious faces and the fact that they look you in the eye! As always, they are available in faux ivory or mahogany (no trees or elephants are harmed in any way!)

News! News! News!

4th-7th November – A Special Sampler Mini Tour

Pop the dates in your diary and I will add the details here in the next few days – Sorry to be mysterious but I want the facts completely sorted before you all start phoning with your deposits! We are away for three nights and four full days in the UK!

I am hoping the final details  will be available by the weekend so watch this space…. just please keep these days free –

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Date posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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