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I am so excited about this – The team at Iconnet have been nagging about an E-Brochure for over a year and have finally persuaded me that it is the way forward. I must admit to being bowled over when I saw the completed brochure for the first time. You just click on the bottom corner of the page and it turns just like a book and you can even hear the page turning!


Contents…If you click on the contents button you can have thumbnails of all the pages down the side of your screen and can click between the pages. And you can click straight through to the shop! Whatever next?









Turning the page

Turn the page…

This is so clever but I know that some of you will still prefer to have a paper version which have arrived and I am posting the first few mail sacks on Monday. Just let me know if you want one posting. We do have tocharge postage when posting outside the UK. I will addthe apper version to the shop later today,

On Wednesday Bill and I are going up to set up for Ali Pali – The Knitting and Stitching Show which opens to the public on the 7th October. Hope to see you there…..

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Date posted: Saturday, October 2, 2010

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My new book, at last!

My new book

The New Book is Here !

I know that the book is very late arriving – the publication date was originally March, but I am actually really thrilled with it – I was scared to mention it before in case it did not really exist. I have been signing and dedicating all morning and lots of copies will be posted over the weekend.

If you have not seen this new title yet, here are some more images for you to examine. The book is divided across the width so that you can mix and match alphabets and motifs. All very clever! It has a hard cover which has been laminated to keep it clean  and a spiral binding so that the pages lie flat

Sample pages from new book

What a clever idea!

I would like to claim some credit for the idea but sadly it was not mine! I hope you find the book as useful as we imagine it will be. To order you can go to Books and Media and it will take you straight there.

More sample pages from new book

If you are confused about the view of the two images in the pictures above, it is easy to explain. The pictures on the left hand side pages are of the completed stitching and the pictures on the right hand side are charts. You can really see what is going on in every open spread.

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Date posted: Friday, September 17, 2010

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Our September magazine and more!

I can hardly believe we are about to post our festive issue of Stitch That and that I am designing for Christmas as we speak. I think this year has gone past so quickly – they say as you get older time goes even faster!

My wonderful team at Iconnet have been beavering away in the background creating a beautiful E-catalogue which will be viewable on my web site very shortly. It even includes video! What ever next?

I thought you would like to see some of the projects in Issue 82 of Stitch That – this is the magazine that our CSG members receive five times a year. If you want to become part of this amazing stitching community, just go to Join Us and find out more.

Festive Initials

Festive Initials

I know that many of you enjoy using decorated initials when creating your own gift cards so I have produced the complete alphabet as an initial chart. In the picture above, you can see that I have chosen some random letters to make three very different Christmas projects.

blackwork arch

Blackwork Arch

My husband, Bill, and I had a visit to the Alhambra Palace in Granada earlier this year and it was such an inspiration place – It was difficult to know where to start. I think I took over 100 photographs during our six hour stay. I have used some of our faux ivory buttons and an old mirror frame.

Will be in touch again shortly. I am now packing up ready for Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts at Westpoint, Exeter 23-26 September. I will hope to see some of you there next week. Happy stitching till then.

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Date posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Here I am again!

New dragonfly

Our new dragonfly

I am sorry I have been “missing” since the Festival of Quilts, but there has just been no time to stop and chat! I hope this week will be better organised and I will have chance to stay in touch. I thought you would like to see the dragonfly who visited on Thursday. He spend most of the morning drying his wings and let me get really close with the camera

Weekend Hussif class

My Hussif Group

We have just completed a lovely weekend class where my group of students created a very pretty beaded hussif. A hussif was the name given to the useful folder or bag used by the matron of the house, often used to house embroidery. The term “housewife” originates from the “Hussif” It was common for sailors at sea and some servicemen to keep their  mending kit in a hussif.


Beaded Scissor Hussif

You can see from the picture above the hussif was created using unbleached linen, hand painted silk and tiny glass beads. At a later date, this project will be availble as a complete kit.


Biggles who is not allowed on the furniture!

During the weekend class, I caught both dogs enjoying their home comforts safe in the knowledge that as we had guests they might get away with it!

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Date posted: Monday, September 6, 2010

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Prize Draw Winners for August!

I have posted this months Draw Winners today.
The lucky ones are Doreen Wray, Leeds – Sandra Doolan, Maidenhead – Gemma Hughes, Rotherham – Roberta Mcnulty, Basingstoke – Jane Goddard, Australia – Desley Stafford, Australia and Charlotte Moga, USA
Well done all of you……

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Date posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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