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Stolen Moments is ready


Stolen Moments

After much bullying by class members and others, I have finally completed the pre-production stuff and Stolen Moments is in our on-line shop. Go to Band Samplers and scroll to the bottom of the page. I think it is odd that sometimes a design works from the beginning and sometimes you have to fight it all the way. This was definitely the former!

The sampler was named by my husband, Bill  who commented that I have to steal moments to get any stitching done. I have added some close ups of the stitching – the kit does include fully illustrated instructions. The band sampler could be framed or be made up as a bell pull. I like samplers with a folded hem but that is very personal

Stolen Flat 1

The top third of the sampler

Stolen Flat 2

The middle section with some overlap

Stolen Flat 3

The final section

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Date posted: Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Christmas Stitching Weekend

The Hilton Hotel, Bradford

We have booked the Hilton Hotel in Bradford for our Festive Event this year. You can only chase staff members at some hotels  for so long before you realise that you are wasting your time. The staff at the Hilton Bradford have been most helpful and I am very impressed so far! Go to Events and Classes for all the information you need to book a really enjoyable weekend.

Flower Book cover and two pages

The Flower Sampler Book

I am frantically getting ready for photography on Thursday this week, so that there is a chance that your next Issue of Stitch That will be out on time! I know that some of you have finished the cover and the first two pages of our new Flower Sampler Book and are waiting for the next instalment so I am doing my best. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, we are creating a linen book including cross stitch, Hardanger, hemstitch, Assisi, blackwork and pattern darning. This project will be created with the charts and instructions over a number of issues of the CSG magazine Stitch That. No a Member yet? Go to Join Us for more details.

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Date posted: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Lovely products added today!


The bliss of stitching and chatting all day!

Since I last wrote to you, we have been very busy indeed. Our Together We Stitch Weekend at the Hilton Leicester was marvellous. I think the Hilton Hotel excelled themselves – the food was particulary good this time. A challenge for yours truly as I had to weigh in at Slimming World on Monday! I might add that this is my last attempt to lose weight- if this does not work you will have to put up with me as I am!

Yesterday, we had our Luxury Stitching Weekend here at Pinks Barn and we had sunny weather and  a lovely lunch with champagne and smoked salmon.


Hand Turned Acorn Needlecases

Our lady wood turner, Jo Freeman has created these attractive wooden needlecases exclusively for The Cross Stitch Guild. Each one is slightly different to the others and are made from two different hard woods to create the acorn cup and the egg form. Go to Wonderful Wood for more information.


William Morris Tote Bags

New this week, our William Morris Tote Bags are now available from our on line shop. Each bag is made from linen union with linen band handles and Zweigart Cork 20-count linen pocket. The fixed button keeps the pocket from gaping when full. Each bag includes a charted alphabet so that you can personlise your pocket if desired. Go to Ready Made Stitchers Treats for more infomation.

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Date posted: Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Beautiful Pots and more!


Olive Oil Pot in Spain

This is how the mini revamp of the garden here at Pinks Barn began – We were visiting our friends in Spain who have four of these giant pots on the terrace. After a week of looking at them from our bedroom window, I was simply green with envy. The following weekend, Carole Weighill from Threadneedles in East Grinstead took us to visit Pots of Pithoi in Sussex!

Copy of DSCN0605

Pots of Pithoi

This was my first view of the hundreds of terracotta pots they have in the garden courtyard and I was in heaven. Bill went a bit grey when he saw the price of these beauties but still encouraged me to think big!


Charming group with some planted

Many of the pots are planted or in lovely groups and this makes you want to buy even  more. In the end, the size of our car had more to do with decisions, rather than the cost. Fortunately, we found their hospital or jigsaw corner where they have a few slightly damaged pots at a fraction of the original cost. Simply bliss!


The doorway to the shop!

In addition to pots from jigsaw corner, I found a lovely beehive shaped pot and then saw it turned in to a fountain and I was hooked! This is a larger version to the one I have purchased but once I have tackled the plumbing, I will take some pictures for you.


Perfect or what?

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Date posted: Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Issue 81 is in the post

Issue 81 of Stitch That is in the post and I have already complete the designs for the next magazine. With luck and a following breeze we will be back on target in September and hopefully stay there.

I have very disturbing news from my Publisher – Axis Publishing who have put my new book together for Search Press have run so late that there are now rumours that we won’t see our bulk order until August. You can imagine, I am very fed up with this as we have had four delivery dates so far and still no books. Lots of you have placed orders with us and I am so sorry. We will not process any of your paperwork or credit cards until we send out the books.

I have spent the last week remodelling the main garden and I intend to take some photographs later today after my gravel has arrived and I have put it where it needs to go. One of the lovely pots purchased at Pots of Pithoi will be a bubble fountain and I am very excited! My daughter. Louise has discovered gardening and has been an enormous help – we have completely filled a skip! I have been very disciplined and only bought long term plants  and lots of David Austin roses and I am hoping this will give me the all year around colour and low maintenance garden of my imagination! We will see…

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Date posted: Monday, July 12, 2010

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