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Merry Christmas from us all here at Pinks Barn

I am sitting in my newly tidied studio, packing the last few items for the post and wondering if I will be able to get everything done in time for the big day. I am sorry that we have not managed to send out the new and now very exciting Archive CD Rom Book but it has like Topsy, grown and grown. I am sure you will love it when you see it- it is simply pages and pages of gorgeous photographs, charts and instructions. The technology is simply staggering and I am thinking……….what if……

Our puppy, Biggles, the baby Beardie, should arrive at the end of January so we are battening down the hatches and hiding all my shoes. Bill and I hope you have a happy, healthy Christmas and look forward to hearing from you in 2009.

Remember, Together We Count

Jane G

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Date posted: Monday, December 22, 2008

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CSG Gift Vouchers available on line


Our Super Smart Gift VouchersI do not know why I have not thought of this before! Our Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against Stitching Days, shopping on line and against Membership of the CSG. They, sadly, cannot be used to pay for Together We Stitch Weekends at the Hilton. If you want to order on line using a voucher, just send me an email with the serial number of the voucher when you place your order and we will do the rest. I am always grateful for the return of the voucher when you have the time. The Gift Vouchers can be found in our Christmas Shop – just scroll down the page – they are near the bottom

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Date posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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CSG Design and Pattern Book ready soon


It is on the way!It all started with the amazing response to our Stitch That Bundles mentioned in a Cross Stitch Guild magazine. (If not already a Member go to Join us) We thought we would produce one of these really clever books including lots of our archive material because it  is no longer possible to keep back issues for eternity, but  we still have requests for some of our older projects.

Vivienne Wells, our Editorial Director and one of the Directors of Rainbow Disks is beavering away working on this CD Rom Book and we intend to post this to you before Christmas!  The idea is that the “book” goes in your computer and you can either stitch from the screen or print out the project you need with all the instructions and diagrams. You can, of course, print out the whole book if you want but why not just print the bits you need?

I am just learning about this technology and I am simply amazed by the flexibility of the medium. You can click to information pages, click to suppliers web sites and all without turning a page. It is marvellous for the CSG and for yours truly because we can now  produce wonderful specialised books without the problems of large print runs and very high overheads. I feel a Hardanger book coming on and one that will include film of the dreaded cutting procedure! If you would like a copy of  the new CD Rom, just click here and it will take you to our online shop. They will be posted 1st class the day we receive the stock and by Airmail the same day.

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Date posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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A new look at Bumble!


Helping at a CSG Meeting

We are sitting here awaiting news of Biggles, our new puppy. We have been on a waiting list for sometime now and Millie, the mother Beardie, has been threatening to give birth for two days now. Our poor breeder, Gill has not slept for days and there is still no news…….

My daughter produced this photograph earlier today and I thought you would love it.  I think he has just heard about the puppy!

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Date posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Here I am again. December news at last!

I am sorry there has been a small gap in the Journal but we have had awful problems with porn, both here and on the Forum pages. The Forum is temporarily closed while we try to find a way to make it simpler, both for you to add your pennyworth and not such a shock to me when I am editing the pages! Once you are supplied with pictures as well as awful suggestions you have to do something!

I hope those of you who braved the dreadful weather on the east coast and made it to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate were justly rewarded for their efforts. Bill and I had a wonderful show and proved that all the doom and gloom is manufactured by the media.Y es, I know that things are tough but you cannot just give up and say that this is the end. Let’s get on with our stitching and see how much better we feel when we finish some of those projects…….


Sue Hawkins Archers Design

We are pleased to say that Sue Hawkins has kindly let us show her Brookfield Farm design, originally created for the Archers Fan Club and available as a complete kit from our On Line Shop. Sue has been an avid Archers Addict all the years I have know her – the best way to wind her up is to phone just before the program starts on the  radio!


Country Initials

We have just mailed our latest copy of Stitch That with Jane Greenoff, our CSG Members magazine, so, as usual, I am going to let you see some of the projects. If you are not already a Member go to Join Us – you do not know what you are missing! This issue, we have included a complete set of decorative initials which are perfect to create a card or a framed picture – an ideal gift. Initial kits used to be very popular with kit designers but, as I know to my cost, there is a danger of being left with lots of x’s and z’s so we thought providing you with the completely charted set of initials was the perfect answer.



Little School Sampler

Many of you will have already have seen some of our Charted Originals in our On Line Shop – we have certainly sold lots and to all over the world.  We have four designs available, all taken from my own collection of antique samplers. There will be more designs to follow as soon as our amazing member and charting fanatic, Jane Napier, has time to do more. To tempt you to try reproducing a real antique, we have included this quaint little school sampler in this issue of our magazine.



Silverwood Sampler Part 2

We have included part two of the Silverwood Sampler and you can see how it is developing from the picture above. I am very pleased with it so far and am now busy with the third installment, to be ready in time for Issue 74, due out at the end of January. There is a materials pack available for this project for Members- go to the Members Studio and then to Members Treats





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Date posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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