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Visiting the Bermuda Guild of Stitchery

I thought it would be a good idea to show you that my trip to Bermuda was really work and not just a holiday! I had such a lovely week working with this very enthusiastic and talented group of stitchers – I shall never forget it! Bill and I returned yesterday and I cannot tell you how difficult it was to leave. The island, the trees, flowers and, of course, the people we met there were so lovely – I have, of course, taken hundreds of pictures, so watch out for Bermuda inspired projects over the next few months. 


My Students


 The view from the classroom window

I am sure that the Bermuda Guild of Stitchery do not usually have their stitching days in this venue so I was very lucky to have the chance to stay at the hotel and stitch and teach in such a beautiful place.



Left to right:  Gail (Guild President), Sue and Janet

Both Gail and Janet gave up their time to make us feel so welcome, and that includes taking us out to dinner and spoiling us something rotten! Janet gave me a lovely sampler depicting scenes from Bermuda and took me on a tour of the island on our last day and Gail made me a beautiful gift – a counted and beaded scissor keeper. Thank you so much. 


 Adaronke and Margo Jean

Two fellow stitchers who worked so hard over the four days – I know how pleased they were to learn the new stitches and techniques covered during the classes. Margo Jean teaches in a men’s prison and I can imagine how her lessons are going to change! Adaronke – please forgive me if I have not spelt your name correctly!


Patricia Bean

Patricia is the Programme Secretary of the Bermuda Guild of Stitchery and organised the Jane Greenoff event from the very beginning. I must thank her for thinking of me in the first place and working behind the scenes to ensure that the event went so well.  Bill, my husband (and in charge of all matters financial)  said that he wished that everyone he worked with was as efficient and as straightforward. It would make his life so much easier! Thank you Patricia – you are a star!






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Date posted: Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Packing for Bermuda


The Yellow Rose Tote Bag


Two Little Samplers


I had hoped to get the next copy of Stitch That to the printers before I left for the trip but that is looking unlikely at the moment. I will therefore be posting out Issue 71 about the 2nd week of June, a few days later than hoped. I will endeavour to include some pictures here of the envelope stuffing ceremony and you can see the new member of our team – the wonderful Sarah! More of that when I come back from this working trip to Bermuda!Well, someone has to do it……

I thought you would like to have a sneak preview of some of the projects in the next copy of Stitch That– the two little samplers above are worked on different fabric using a variety of stitches and the teddy is called Tealeaf.

The Yellow Rose Tote Bag may be worked as a picture or made in to the bag as illustrated above- Members will be able to send for the ready-made bag if preferred.

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Date posted: Sunday, May 25, 2008

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Bumble helps out at a Linen Class

bumble-and-jane.jpgBumble is always much in evidence when I have Linen Classes here at Pinks Barn and this picture was taken by one of our regular visitors and CSG Member, Gill Grand, who insists of bringing him tasty treats to eat – perhaps the less about that the better! Understandably, Bumble thinks she is just the best stitcher of all!

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Date posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Project Case and Tote Bag


At last!We have developed a Linen Tote Bag which measures 14 x 17 inches and the linen band handles will slip over your shoulder. The bags are made from Danish 20-count linen evenweave with 28-count linen band handles so that you can stitch all over them if you want to! You will find them in Tools and Accessories then Bits & Bobs in the Online Shop


The Stitcher’s Project Case is now available in the Stitchers Market, also under Bits and Bobs – I am sorry I have taken so long to catch up with your comments about this. The new version has a linen lining and is split inside to make stitching the outside of the bag easier to manage.


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Date posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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