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A special book has arrived- Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers- Limited Edition

New book double page spread

My lovely new book photographed on my new desk……Just perfect

We have had a real turn around here at Pinks Barn with all the building and so on and in the process I have a lovely Georgian desk in the main lounge complete with daylight lamp and comfy chair. I think Bill agreed to the expense because it means that I do surface from the Studio in the evenings and stitch while he is around. It had got to the stage where we had to have a “date” to see each other. My Cardiac Consultant tells me there is nothing wrong with being a workaholic but I am not sure Bill agrees…….

About the book – my Publishers, latterly David & Charles, have let me have my own special version of this new book in hardback with the real printed dust jacket which includes an extra chart on the reverse.  The soft back version of this title will be published in October without the extra chart but I have my own version now! We have taken my original sampler book, sadly now out of print and kept the best things but added more challenging projects. This is my sampler box  stitched over last winter – I must admit to loving this…….

Sampler Box

The Sampler Box

Box Sampler KItJane Greenof-04-10-1314070

Box Sampler Back CoverJane Greenof-04-10-1314062

 More views of my favourite project

There are more new samplers included in the this book  including another lovely band sampler and a Quaker project inspired by our visit to Ackworth School.  I have kept some of my old favourites but the whole book has been redesigned and includes gorgeous pictures of most of my sampler collection. As I have said, this version is limited and when they are gone this will not be reprinted.

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Date posted: Thursday, June 26, 2014

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It is here and it is wonderful!

Our new building is almost complete – we started the building on January 7th and we are not quite there yet…….. My electrician had the nerve to take an annual holiday… grrr. Having said that, all the the business end with the new library shelves and the piano is just lovely – the temperature of the room is much more constant and, of course, no leaks……

The dear old piano leaving- Bill was sad to see it go……..

The new piano arriving

Putting it all together

Now awaiting the new piano stool

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Date posted: Monday, June 9, 2014

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Issue 100 is in the post!

Issue 100 of Itch to Stitch, our Members magazine is in the post – I can imagine some of you saying “at last!”  I am sorry – sometimes one just runs out of hours. Issue 101 will be along shortly – I even have photography booked so it will be a little like buses……

Bill and I have just returned from our stitching trip to Colonial Williamsburg and I will sort the pictures and the jet lag and then let you see some of them. It was a simply marvellous trip – thanks to all at arena for making this possible.

The Workbox open with contents on view

The Wildflower Workbox

I  know that many of you have been working on the Wildflower Workbox, originally featured in Issue 99. The final parts are included in this issue. If you missed Issue 99, this can still be purchased from CSG HQ as can the materials packs. I have included pictures of the  Scissor Case, Clover Cutter , Biscornu and Needle Roll to tempt you further. In this issue we have also included the new Sewing Set – see images further down the page……

Scissor Case-Jane Greenoff-Itch To Stitch-27-01-141837

Scissor Case

Clover Cutter-Jane Greenoff-Itch To Stitch-27-01-141845

Clover Cutter Cover



Needle Roll open

Needle Roll

My Sewing Set

The Sewing Set

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Date posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Bill’s piano and the new barn

Hello again everyone,

Thought it was time to show you developments here at Pinks Barn. Bill is calling the new barn the lump sum lounge! By the end of this week, we should be waterproof which will be a relief! On Monday I was wading  as I walked to the studio and very ticked off indeed. The weather has not been very kind to us.

barn 1

The barn is coming on at last…..

Barn-Jane Greenoff-Stitch That-27-03-1412562

You can see how the trusses are put together

Barn 2

Now we just need to join it to the house and studio


Phil, our sparks, looks like a ghost!

Last week, Bill and I went to The Coach House  in Swansea to look at a second hand baby grand piano as his treat from his pension! I am spending the rest on this lovely building……. We have had his existing piano for over twenty years and it was old then. It was built before the war and has done remarkably well considering how we have abused it! It does not like temperature changes  (central heating) and is in a poor state now.

The concert grnd!

Here my old fella is playing a Steinway concert grand that we could not afford! Still he sounded marvellous.