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Pinks Barn PinKeep

I mentioned on a previous Journal page that we had been overrun by Americans!  Please see last entry!I had made each member of the group a little kit for a pinkeep showing the new look Pinks Barn. For those of you completely in the dark, Pinks Barn is my home, CSG HQ and where my Studio and conservatory class space is situated. I had not intended to supply this as a kit but I have had requests from across the pond for duplicates and the guests at the last Together We Stitch Weekend insisted so here goes!

Pinks Barn Pinkeep

Pinks Barn Pinkeep

You can find the Pinkeep in Special Counted Projects along with some other interesting and challenging projects- Hppay stitching till we speak again


Date posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2009


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