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Playing with Felix and designing new projects!

What a start to the year! Bill and I are of to Australia and New Zealand for a month so have been very busy at Pinks Barn working on new things for you and playing with our lovely Felix William (Bill does not really preen himself every time he says his name!) The lower picture is the one we both have as our screen saver – besotted or what? We leave for the holiday next week but I have completed all my stuff this end and Jenny and Andrea are poised to take care of you all. My chum Cilla is moving in to Pinks Barn so that Monty is even more indulged and I am having some decorating done whilst I am away. I can hear you saying its alright for some…….I thought after Andrea had taken over all the hard work parts of the CSG I would have so much time but who was I kidding?


Bill and I have been working on a dozen projects here at Pinks and I will be taking stitching with me on the trip – We will let you have peeks at the new things in the spring but we may yet surprise you……


Bill working on the important part of our twin globes map

When I am not forcing the poor ole thing to the drawing board he is baking in the kitchen – he makes the best bagels and white bread and is my waistline a witness to this? This is his apple and seed bread. OMG!

Date posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2018


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Hope you both have a wonderful trip to New Zealand – I am sure the time will fly by, so don’t forget to look up from the stitching!

Felix William looks adorable.

Comment by Anita Jennings on Thursday, January 18, 2018

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