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Sewing for Pleasure Exhibition

sewing-for-pleasure-11.jpgIt was lovely to meet so many of you, whilst exhibiting at Sewing for Pleasure at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (England). It is nine years since we have been at this show – in the past it clashed with another fair which made our attendance impossible. This time, we held an Itch to Stitch event, and I cannot tell you how many French knots were created amongst much laughter!sewing-for-pleasure-3.jpgsewing-for-pleasure-5.jpgIt was a great event and Bill & I are very grateful to our two teachers, Carol Weighill and Janet Simpson for their patience and good humour! I hope to see many many more of you in the next few weeks as we will be setting up at Stitch & Craft at Olympia (London) on 26th March and we will do it all again. For information about the show go to www.twistedthread.com for details.

Date posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Yes it was a great event.It was good to see you there – I have been going for the the last few years. As I cannot get to the London show, I could never get to see you.So it was a nice surprise when I saw your stand.
So I stocked up on a few things.Are you going to the next show in November?

Comment by pam harris on Friday, April 18, 2008

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