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STILL no broadband – what can I tell you?

I hope those of you who are Members of CSG have received your latest Stitch That magazine at last! I am pleased with it but sorry you had to wait so long. I will be attempting to load the current pictures but with dial up this is very difficult. I am on the final checks on the Pattern Book, that should have been out before Christmas, so hopefully we will be back on track very soon.

I will not bore you about our broadband access, but it has made updating the web site a nightmare and I know that lots of you have had trouble getting through on the phones….. Thank you for bring so sweet about it

Today I want to kill the man from Open Reach, everyone at the Phone Coop and anyone else who comes near me.

It now transpires than I do have broadband on one of the phone lines, but no-one can tell me (1) who put it there (2) How it got there (3) what the access codes are (4) and how I can use it in spite of paying the Phone coop for the service and (5) WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE SORTED OUT…………. I seem to be back where I was six weeks ago. This afternoon, I am going to sit and stitch in the hope that my sanity returns and my family see the return of a human being! Happy Stitching

Date posted: Monday, March 2, 2009


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