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A Happy New Year to you all


Hand Painted Originals

I have been back at work since the day after Boxing Day but left you to recover for a few days before getting in touch. It feels strange today – it has snowed here and even Bumble is feeling delicate and wishing he had not eaten the last of the Banoffi Pie yesterday! Bill and I have been charting some very pretty antique hand painted Berlin charts and they are now available in the shop – You can even mount and frame the coloured versions as they are so lovely and clear – look just like the originals. See Charted Originals and scroll down the page

On the subject of our Archive Book and the mailing in January (Stitch That Issue 74), we are going to be a bit delayed as Ethan, our wonderful wizard of charts and graphics has had to fly home to the USA on urgent family business so we all wish him well and will keep the pots boiling here in the UK until he is back at his desk! I will be sending out a mailing this month with just our January Sale but then we will mail again in February and March so that no one will miss anything! Do not worry when your Membership ends as we will send out anyway. Stay in the warm and get on with all those projects and we will be in touch again soon

I have added some more items to the January Sale today so keep and eye on these pages for the month of January – you never know what might pop up!

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Date posted: Monday, January 5, 2009

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