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Stolen Moments is ready


Stolen Moments

After much bullying by class members and others, I have finally completed the pre-production stuff and Stolen Moments is in our on-line shop. Go to Band Samplers and scroll to the bottom of the page. I think it is odd that sometimes a design works from the beginning and sometimes you have to fight it all the way. This was definitely the former!

The sampler was named by my husband, Bill  who commented that I have to steal moments to get any stitching done. I have added some close ups of the stitching – the kit does include fully illustrated instructions. The band sampler could be framed or be made up as a bell pull. I like samplers with a folded hem but that is very personal

Stolen Flat 1

The top third of the sampler

Stolen Flat 2

The middle section with some overlap

Stolen Flat 3

The final section

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Date posted: Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Issue 77 Stitch That is out!

Bill, my husband and I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Russia – you will see more of this in later issues of our magazine, Stitch That. I am designing and scribbling about the trip as I write. Issue 77  has been mailed and should be with you shortly – some of you have already been in touch so I know it is out there.

Needle Tokens 5

Faux Ivory Magnetic Needle Token

We have been busy sourcing new things for this autumn and I think we have found yet another winner! Our Faux Ivory Magnetic Needle Tokens are ready at last! You have no idea how many types of magnets are available and how complicated it gets. Hand crafted for us here in Gloucestershire, these attractive and practical Tokens have a magnet embedded inside and can be worn as a brooch or attached to your frame or chart board and then you can pop your needle on the surface for safekeeping. We have six designs available now with at least three more in the pipeline.

Needle Tokens 2

Token holding scissors in place

Needle Tokens 4

Using the rear magnet to hold as a brooch

I thought those of you who have not as yet succumbed to Membership might like to see snippets of what is on offer this time. Every issue of Stitch That includes new designs with colour pictures and clear computer originated charts and it is sent to Members of the CSG five times a year.

Bird and strawberry chatelaine

Strawberry & Little Bird Chatelaine

This project includes a pinkeep, needlecase and scissor holder all tied together with a strip of linen band. Full stitching, making up and hemstitch instructions are  included


Christmas Welcome Door Hanger

Created from a complete set of initials included in this issue – large initials are always very popular with our Members who create amazing personal projects. This set of letters have been combined with holly and Christmas roses to create very festive effect

Borders Band

Beautiful Borders Band Sampler

This long band sampler is stitched on linen aida and has a few additional counted stitches to add interest and texture to the design. After months of the very challenging Silverwood Sampler, I felt it was time to tackle a band sampler with less taxing techniques.

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Date posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Anemone Band Sampler

anemone.jpg* One of the projects in the next edition of Stitch That! *We know that these little narrow band samplers are very popular as I have seen many completed. I think stitchers like the idea of learning lots of new techniques, but if you loathe a particular stitch there will not be many of them to do. This design will need to be stitched on evenweave fabric as you cannot create some of these stitches on Aida.Stitch That! with Jane Greenoff is the members only magazine with exclusive projects and charts/patterns (5 issues per year). Not a member of the CSG? Join now.

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Date posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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