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CSG Design and Pattern Book ready soon


It is on the way!It all started with the amazing response to our Stitch That Bundles mentioned in a Cross Stitch Guild magazine. (If not already a Member go to Join us) We thought we would produce one of these really clever books including lots of our archive material because it  is no longer possible to keep back issues for eternity, but  we still have requests for some of our older projects.

Vivienne Wells, our Editorial Director and one of the Directors of Rainbow Disks is beavering away working on this CD Rom Book and we intend to post this to you before Christmas!  The idea is that the “book” goes in your computer and you can either stitch from the screen or print out the project you need with all the instructions and diagrams. You can, of course, print out the whole book if you want but why not just print the bits you need?

I am just learning about this technology and I am simply amazed by the flexibility of the medium. You can click to information pages, click to suppliers web sites and all without turning a page. It is marvellous for the CSG and for yours truly because we can now  produce wonderful specialised books without the problems of large print runs and very high overheads. I feel a Hardanger book coming on and one that will include film of the dreaded cutting procedure! If you would like a copy of  the new CD Rom, just click here and it will take you to our online shop. They will be posted 1st class the day we receive the stock and by Airmail the same day.

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Date posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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