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Near Izzalini

I promised you some pictures of  Umbria so I have selected these and kept a few up my sleeve – they will appear later when I have decided on some new designs. The picture above shows the real advantages of living a long way up a hill. You can see the mist is still hanging in the valleys and we had just had lunch in the sunshine.


We had a trip out in to the countryside and found this little hill top village and it really did look like this! Quite beautiful but very quiet.


This poor ‘ole fella was one of many such signs hanging outside the butchers shops. Wild boar are very plentiful and sadly a bit of a pest in Umbria. I might also add that they are delicious to eat. Ho Hum!

Bill and I have been comparing diaries and we have started adding things for 2011 so do keep an eye on the Events page on this web site. I have added two more classes here at Pinks Barn and have updated the Show dates for the first half of the year.

Photography for Issue 83 is booked for next week so we should  be posting one more issue of Stitch That before Christmas- and then another year has passed……. I have been designing all sorts  of new things over the past few weeks and I will let you see them very shortly. This burst of activity is largely due to my new PA, Sarah who comes in with a new idea most days! I have told her to stop until the current ones are in production – my brain is begining to hurt…..

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Date posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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