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Subscription notes

Subscription Gift
A quick note about the postal arrangements for your resub gifts as we have had a couple of people query the way the parcel has arrived. Since the beginning of charging by proportion by the Royal Mail, we have discovered that if we pack the needle box in two pieces with the scissors under the foam, it costs 48 pence to post. If we post the box complete, it becomes packet rather than a letter which I know looks nice when you open it but costs over £1.00 in stamps! I am sure you appreciate that if we do this, it would costs the CSG in excess of £5000 a year!

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Subscription by Direct Debit
To those of you who completed Direct Debit forms last month (and there were hundreds of you) a big thank you from Bill Greenoff who would love even more of you to maintain your Membership this way as it keeps costs down, reduces paperwork and phone bills! He has decided to keep the offer open to all Members (new & old) until the end of April so if you set up a new Direct Debit for your subscription, I will send you a CSG badge and you save £2.00! If you need a DD form I can email this to you.

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Date posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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