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Can it really be May already?

biggles-as-film-star.jpg control-angle-2-121237.jpg

I am so sorry that I have been out of touch lately –  this is the beginning of a new phase here at Pinks Barn, CSG HQ. We have certainly had rather a torrid time of it but not all of it has been so bad –  Biggles is growing in to a wonderful dog and is full of mischief and affection in equal parts. I think, perhaps, he plans to go mining when he grows up or perhaps he is digging an escape tunnel. There are big holes in the garden! Bumble is not setting a very good example as he just watches with an enormous smile on his face and then hides when the balloon goes up!


Breaking through to the sunshine -that really is the dust in the air

Talking of large holes, I thought you would like to see the one in the front of Pinks Barn – you will be able to see the end result very shortly. It has made such a difference to the main sitting room here – I am now able to stitch in the sunlight – not possible before, but the dust -Oh dear-  it was simply everywhere, both upstairs and down. Roger and Phil made a marvellous job – not an easy one as the wall was nearly 2.5 feet thick in places and our bedroom had to be supported on props until the oak beams were in position.

Issue 75 of Stitch That has been posted and I know that many of you have already received your copies – I can tell by the post in our letter box and by email -I am hopeful that we will have caught up with our backlog soon and Issue 76 will be out in the middle of June and September will be on time!

Happy Stitching


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Date posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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