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Hi Everyone,

I am afraid all my plans to write to you every week fell apart in November after the autumn shows. As I am sure you are all aware, unless I am very careful I can include spelling mistakes and other gremlins and it all takes so long to check all the text and the pictures – as a result I put off writing Journal entries until I have time! How silly is that? Well, today I thought I would just get you up to date with happenings here ……

Bill and I fly to Vietnam tomorrow morning and we are away for two weeks. I have bought yet another camera so that I can bombard you with all the glorious textiles and embroidery common in Vietnam and Cambodia. I will try to stay in touch whilst I am away if I can operate all this clever equipment.

Photography for Issue 89 of your magazine is booked for Thursday 2nd Feb so we are roughly on target. We are changing the name of our magazine to Itch to Stitch-because I hope that is the effect it has when you receive it….. I am beavering away on a new project called Fleur Antique which will be available to buy next month with luck – I hope you like it……

I am still working for Create and Craft TV and during this month I have shown off my lovely  Flower Sampler Book – I showed the version stitched for me  by group of very special ladies  after my original version was stolen at the Festival of Quilts…….Thanks yet again to Jean Strange,Fiona Dunbar,Suzanne Spencer, Su Maddocks, Justine Waugh, Sandra Harris, Christine Berrett and Jane Herbert. I might add that this was a second replacement given to me as a surprise – Jane Herbert had already organised stitchers to replace the stolen version but this one will NEVER go to a show….

The Sale Bin is finally open to members today – We have had a real purge on the shelves and made room for all the ideas that fill my head whilst awake! As I have said in the past – when they are gone they are gone…….

I will try to add a bit more to my Journal before I go on holiday but if I don’t, take care, keep stitching and I will be back soon.

Jane G

Date posted: Friday, January 13, 2012


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Enjoy your holiday Jane. Bring the sun back with you !!!! Fi .

Comment by Fiona Dunbar on Friday, January 13, 2012

Enjoy your holiday Jane. Bring the sun back with you !!!! Fi .

Comment by Fiona Dunbar on Friday, January 13, 2012

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